Recent activities

A new vertical was installed with 30 radials of about 10 m all buried 5 cm under the grass. The antenna efficiency seems extremely good in the east direction where the natural ground descends without any obstacle towards the river about 90 m below.

The FT8 protocol is now used to experimentally evaluate the efficiency of the new antenna, but it is clear that Asia and Oceania are already preferred directions.

The equipment for DATV transmission on the QO-100 satellite will be operational again by the end of September. A 130 cm solid dish is used for 10 GHz reception and a 150 cm meshed dish will be used for 2.4 GHz transmission ( OBS Studio with Pluto DVB ).

The power currently available is around 20 W at the antenna but 120 W will be made available soon.

The linear transponder will also be used again for SSB and CW.

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